Birch Gold Group In Depth Review

Given the current global economic environment, consolidation of your retirement fund is the best way to survive.


One of the most effective ways of consolidating your retirement fund is to diversify it with precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium.


They offer a reliable and stable investment opportunity to prepare your family for a financially secure future. If you have already invested in stocks and similar assets, precious metal investments will help protect your assets against large fluctuations in the volatile stock market.

Birch Gold Group In Depth Review

Given the current global economic environment, consolidation of your retirement fund is the best way to survive.


One of the most effective ways of consolidating your retirement fund is to diversify it with precious metals such as gold, platinum, silver, and palladium.


They offer a reliable and stable investment opportunity to prepare your family for a financially secure future. If you have already invested in stocks and similar assets, precious metal investments will help protect your assets against large fluctuations in the volatile stock market.

Birch Gold Group Investment Company

#2 Birch Gold Group Pros and Cons

#2 Birch Gold Group 9.8 out of 10

Self direct IRA and precious metal investment available
Walkthrough of setup process with detailed advice
A+ Better Bureau backing
Management fees for storage and insurance are extra

Reasons To Invest In Precious Metals

Even though the decision to invest in precious metals is easy, choosing the right custodian to invest in precious metals isn’t easy. Whether you simply need a few gold coins to hold in your home safe or want to set up or roll over a retirement plan into a Gold IRA, you need an experienced company to handle the process. Trust plays a crucial role when choosing such a service provider.

There are dozens of precious metal dealers in the U.S., but all of these service providers are not created equal. Your research is important when choosing the right firm to invest in gold and other precious metals. Birch Gold Group is a trusted name in the United States when it comes to investing in gold and other precious metals. This article provides a comprehensive review of Birch Gold Group to help you make an informed decision when investing in precious metals.


Investing in precious metals is one of the best financial decisions to make in this difficult economic environment. Precious metals are highly sought after by people across the globe. People buy gold, silver, and other precious metals to make jewellery and for many other purposes. Precious metals help protect your financial assets against a decrease in the value of the US dollar – which has become a real issue due to the economic crisis in the country after the COVID-19 pandemic. Precious metals are not directly tied to any currency like stocks and other investments. Even if the US Dollar decreases in value or the economy crashes due to whatever reasons, your wealth is protected when you invest in precious metals.

Investing in precious metals is the best way to diversify your investment portfolio. If you hold all of your money in stocks, you will be hit hard in the event of a market crash in these tough economic conditions. That is why you need to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in gold and other precious metals.

In case you are investing in stocks and other funds to consolidate your retirement fund, what happens if the market crashes and wipes out a huge percentage of your savings? Would you still be able to retire and begin to enjoy your savings? In such a situation, wouldn’t you be forced back into the 9 to 5 work schedule? Just imagine how different your scenario would be if you had invested some of your money in precious metals! A downturn in the stock market won’t have the same impact on your financial outlook.

When you diversify your retirement fund by investing in precious metals, you won’t have any trouble selling some of the gold or silver for cash in case you need urgent money for whatever reason. You can easily liquidate a part of your investment since precious metals are highly sought after. There won’t be any delay in liquidating part of your investment and getting the money you need. That is why you should consider investing in precious metals from Birch Gold Group.



Overview Of Birch Gold Group


Birch Gold Group is a precious metal company with a wide variety of precious metals including gold & silver as well as a skilled customer service staff. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Burbank, California. The company has been using a one-on-one approach to assist thousands of customers in the United States to diversify their savings with silver and gold – without the use of high-pressure sales tactics used by its competitors.

Birch Gold Group employs highly skilled and experienced Precious Metals Specialists who educate the customers on the importance of investing in precious metals and diversifying their retirement portfolios. The customer will have all the information at their fingertips to make the right decision for their future. The customer can purchase precious metals from Birch Group on a tax-deferred basis by transferring funds from an eligible 401(k) or existing IRA into a Precious Metals IRA or own the precious metal privately and store it in a preferred location. The company has been regularly featured on major news and media outlets, including the Ben Shapiro Show. The group believes in empowering customers through knowledge.



Birch Gold Group Investment Company

Why Invest In Birch Gold Group?


Birch Gold Group is currently one of the top precious metal dealers in the United States. The precious metals specialists of the company will make sure that you receive all the answers to your questions before you decide to buy precious metals or invest in a Gold IRA. The group has a good reputation that is worthy of your confidence. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is highly rated by hundreds of satisfied customers across the country. They also have a Triple A rating from the Business Consumer Alliance.

The company holds itself to a rigorous set of standards at all times. These standards include Customer Empowerment, Educational, Empathy, Ethical, Transparency, and Efficiency. Here are some of the many reasons to invest in precious metals from Birch Gold Group:

  • A Wealth Of Experience – When it comes to experience, the Birch Gold Group stands out from the rest of its competition. They have been in business for more than 18 years and still doing great. No precious metal dealer can hold on for such a long time in the market if they were a bunch of scammers. Starting from the first interaction with the company, the customer becomes aware of the capabilities of Birch Group. Just reading through their free starting kit will do the trick. Knowledge will always remain king, no matter how the financial world evolves in the future. Birch Gold Group gets better and better with time due to its wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.
  • Great Reputation – Staying competitive for nearly two decades speaks a lot about the reputation of Birch Gold Group. Even though there were a few precious metal firms founded during the time Birch Gold was founded, most of them didn’t survive the tough competition in the industry. Birch Gold’s reputation has been steadily growing over the years. In fact, the company has been a beacon of constant innovation in the field. The company is regularly featured on major media outlets with its appearance on the “Ben Shapiro Show” being the highlight. The group is seen as one of the pioneers of Gold IRAs and investing in precious metals in general. The group has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB) with 107 reviews, an AAA rating on Business Consumer Alliance, 73 five-star reviews on TrustLink, and 14 five-star reviews on TrustPilot.
  • Professional Team – The group employs a team of caring and professional-driven specialists. These specialists care for the welfare of their clients even in tough financial times. Although most people know the benefits of investing in precious metals, the actual investment process is a space fraught with pitfalls and red tape. Most customers are not aware of how to get started in the process. That is where the helpful approach of Birch Gold’s investment specialists comes in handy. The customer is assigned an accounts manager who will make every step of the way as easy as possible. They will explain all the intricacies involved in the process, but the customer has to make the final choice.
  • Highly Satisfied Customers – Customer satisfaction is one of the most important indications of a successful financial company. IRAs and precious metal investments are a long-term process. Just because a new company has a bunch of positive reviews, it doesn’t mean they are a good choice to invest your hard-earned money. Birch Gold has been existing for nearly two decades and is rated highly by both new and old customers. There are two types of ratings from satisfied customers. The first is the ratings from customers who newly join the company. They rate the company for the valuable information and guidance they receive when deciding to invest in precious metals and gold IRAs. The second type of rating comes from customers who have been with the company over the long term. They rate the company for its services when dealing with emergencies and liquidating funds. Birch Gold Group holds average scores in excess of 4.8 out of 5 from both these types of customers.
  • Individual Care – Birch Gold Group provides one-on-one care for every customer regardless of the size of their portfolio. In fact, the company stands out from the rest of its competition in this area. There are very few precious metal companies out there that are willing to provide such a service to their customers. Most customers working with other precious metal dealers in the market find themselves going around in circles and soon reach a level of frustration that forces them to give up on the idea of investing in precious metals. Birch Gold is ready to go that extra mile to satisfy the needs of its customers. They know that each customer has their own unique set of needs and requirements. You are given enough space and time to express your expectations when speaking to a specialist at Birch Gold. They will recommend the best investment opportunity for you depending on your specific needs and budget. The best thing about the precious metal specialists at Birch Gold is they will make sure the customer is aware of every intricacy associated with each investment option. You will be making a well-informed decision when you decide to invest in precious metals or gold IRAs from Birch Group.
  • Easy Gold IRA Rollover – The process of moving a 401(k) or an IRA to gold or silver IRA is quite complicated. The specialists at Birch Gold won’t complicate matters any further. The company’s website is packed with easy-to-access and highly valuable information. You can learn about the entire roll-over process by reading the information on their site. Once you read the information and are ready to move things along, you can easily do it by filling out the form on their website or calling the company. You will be assigned with an account manager to assess your investment needs and recommend the best option to you. Whether you want to diversify an existing IRA, create a new IRA, or roll over an IRA to gold or silver IRA, the specialists will advise you about all the steps involved in the process. They won’t use pressure tactics just to get your sale. You can listen to what they say and make your own decision in a patient manner.



Setting Up A Precious Metals IRA With Birch Gold Group


If you are planning to set up a gold or silver IRA, you don’t have to look further than Birch Gold Group. Precious metal IRAs are a form of self-directed IRA where you are allowed to hold alternative assets including precious metals while traditional IRAs allow you to hold stocks and bonds. Many people invest in precious metal IRAs since they are a perfect way to get tax-free benefits associated with retirement saving plans while diversifying the portfolio. The group has made setting up a gold or silver IRA as easy as possible. The customer is guided by a specialist from start to finish when setting up precious metal IRAs or rolling over an existing retirement account into an IRA. If you currently have a 401(k), 403(b), TSP, 457, Roth IRA, traditional IRA, or a SEP IRA, you can easily roll over the account to a precious metal IRA with the help of a specialist of Birch Gold.

The specialist will check the eligibility of your existing IRA and advise whether you can convert it into a precious metal IRA. Whether you want to open a new gold IRA or you know that your existing IRA is eligible for a precious metal rollover, you can use the form on the group’s website to set up the account and do the necessary fund transfers. When you are rolling over your existing retirement account, you need to work with an IRA custodian to complete the process. If not, you may have to face penalties from the IRS. Equity Trust and Strata Trust are two reputable custodians that Birch Group works with. These companies have A+ ratings from the BBB and good customer reviews.

Once you fund the new precious metal IRA, you can opt for the type of precious metal you want to add to the account. For example, Birch Group deals with different types of precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum bars and coins. You won’t have any problem deciding on the best precious metals to add to your new account with assistance from the specialists of Birch Gold.

As per IRS regulations, precious metals should meet specific criteria to be held in a self-directed IRA. If you plan to include gold bars or coins in a self-directed IRA, the metal should have a minimum purity level of 99.5%. On the other hand, if you plan to hold silver coins or bars in the IRA, they should have a minimum purity level of 99.9%. Platinum and palladium should have a minimum purity level of 99.95%. Birch Gold has a wide selection of precious metal coins and bars that meet these requirements. Some of these precious metal coins and bars include American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Gold Gyrfalcon Coin, Gold Rose Crown Guinea Coin, Austrian Philharmonic Coin, American Buffalo Coin, Valcambi Combi Bars, American Silver Eagle, Silver Polar Bear & Cub Coin, Silver Twin Maples Coin, Silver Gyrfalcon Coin, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, America the Beautiful Silver Series, American Platinum Eagle Coin, Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin, and more.



Storage Of Gold IRA


When you invest in precious metal IRAs, you cannot possess the investment until you reach the age of 59 1/2 as per the IRS regulations. The IRS specifies that gold, silver, palladium, and platinum coins and bars should be held in a depository approved by the IRS. Birch Group deals with two reputable storage facilities that are approved by the IRS. The Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services are the two IRS-approved facilities used by Birch Gold to store your precious metals. Your accounts manager will help choose the best storage facility for you depending on your needs and budget.

Brink’s Global Services has over a thousand secure storage locations across the country to store your precious metals. The company is well-known for its high-security measures and the ability to keep precious metals safe. They are often chosen by reputable banks in the country due to the high-security levels offered by them. They fully insure precious metals while stored and transported. If anything happens to your precious metals while in storage or transport, the company takes full responsibility and pays the customer the cost of the goods.

On the other hand, Delaware Depository offers $1-billion in insurance for all precious metals stored in their vaults. They are widely recognized as one of the leading storage facilities in the U.S. for precious metals. They will make sure your precious metals are always safe by employing numerous security protocols. The shipping insurance offered by the company is approximately $100,000 to cover your precious metals while transporting to the facility. Once the shipment arrives at the facility, highly trained employees will inspect the metals and verify their purity levels. The company offers two distinct locations for the customer to choose from including Wilmington, Delaware, and Seal Beach, California.


Purchasing Precious Metals


If you wish to purchase precious metals to store in your own home or vault, Birch Group is the place to go. Whether you decide to invest in precious metals for personal storage or roll over your existing IRA into a gold or silver IRA, the benefits are not that different. In fact, both options will help protect you against a volatile stock market or a weak US Dollar. When you decide to purchase precious metals for personal use, you are not subjected to strict IRS regulations and have more freedom with how you wish to store the goods. You can invest in any type of precious metals approved by the IRS as mentioned earlier in the article as well as choose from the numerous options given below:


  • Liberty Head Double Eagle $20 Coin
  • Gold Indian Head Eagle $10 Coin
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle $20 Coin
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin
  • Morgan Silver Dollar
  • Peace Silver Dollar
  • And more… 



Free Information Kit From Birch Gold


Birch Gold Group provides a free information kit for all potential customers who are on the fence about investing in precious metals or setting up a gold IRA. The kit provides highly valuable information about how the investment process works. It offers step-by-step instructions on how to set up a new gold IRA or rollover an existing IRA into a gold or silver IRA. The kit also gives information about the precious metal coins and bars available for purchasing at Birch Gold Group. Just because you request a free information kit from the company, it doesn’t mean you have to do business with them. A newbie to precious metal investment can learn a lot about the process by requesting the kit from the company’s website.




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Final Thoughts On Birch Gold Group For Investing


If you are planning to invest in precious metals or rollover an existing IRA into a gold or silver IRA, you should choose the right company for the process. With a host of precious metal dealers in the market today, choosing such a firm isn’t easy. That is where Birch Gold Group comes in handy. The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive review of Birch Gold Group to help you make an informed decision when investing in precious metals.



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#2 Birch Gold Group 9.8 of out of 10

Birch Gold Group Free Gold Kit


What is a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is a special type of precious metal individual retirement account.  Investors of these accounts can hold Gold in bullion, coins, or stocks.  They must be held separate from their traditional retirement account.

How to invest in a Gold IRA?

You will need a self-directed IRA set up through an IRS-approved financial institution like the ones mentioned above.  We advise going through the detailed review before selecting an investment company that’s right for you.

Are there benefits to a Gold IRA?

There are special tax benefits and contributions are tax-deductible.  Being able to control your investment is a big plus allowing you direct access and management.

Are there risks to a Gold IRA?

They tend to attract higher fees as you will need a custodian to store, insure, ship/transport your gold investment.  Gold IRA management fees can be higher than a regular IRA account.

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